25th March 2020

From 6pm today, Atomic Knitting will be temporarily closed. Whilst I can access the field to the post box, so can many other people it seems! I'm leaving the website up but no orders can be checked out as shipping is closed worldwide. I'll be continuing to do bits in the home studio including, stock checking, doing the accounts, making new products and do lots of other things that are on my big list! Please stay safe and stay home. 



23rd March 2020

Unfortunately I've had to close shipping to outside of the UK from 2pm today.

UK deliveries will continue but posting will now take place twice a week on a Monday and Thursday. I am able to safely do this on a short exercise walk to the post box.


19th March 2020

Wishing you all good health

As you may know, Atomic Knitting is a small one woman business run by just me, Emma. I am well, working as usual (by myself in my home studio) and will continue to send out orders as long as the postal service remains uninterrupted.

I am carefully monitoring the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation and following the latest advice from the Government and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

As we all navigate these strange times, I've made several changes to the way that I'm running Atomic Knitting, for safety and business continuity:

  • All postage will be printed in the studio
  • There will be some products that will sell out, that I can no longer replenish due to supply issues
  • Royal Mail postage prices are increasing from 23rd March, there will be no shipping price increases on the website
  • Discount codes are available to encourage sales - on newsletters, sent with orders and on the website banner 
  • Atomic Knitting continues to support other small businesses by buying beads and supplies directly from those in the UK
  • Single use plastic reduction at Atomic Knitting is ongoing, and orders are now being sent without superfluous packaging where possible
  • Should things change that I can't send orders, the website will inform you

Please do continue to support small businesses everywhere during this most challenging of times.

Stay calm and cast on