Garment & Stitches Instructional Stitch Markers - Tequila Sunrise

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Product Overview

Set of Instructional Stitch Markers

Top - with removable/6mm clasp

Front - with removable/6mm clasp

Right  - with removable/6mm clasp

Left  - with removable/6mm clasp

Inc  - with 4mm solid ring

Dec - with 4mm solid ring

M1r - with 4mm solid ring 

M1l - with 4mm solid ring

ssk - with 4mm solid ring


Instructional Stitch Markers 

With sunrise colours that are unique on each marker in the set

Make Your Mark Options

Make your mark and choose your ring size - 4mm, 7mm, crochet or crochet clip/6mm

Approximate size of marker including clip/ring is: Length 25mm and width 12mm.

Please note that discs may be oval or circular depending on batch production. We will always try to send similar size and shapes on mix and match orders, where possible.

Made from plasticised film with silver plated findings.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review