History of Atomic Knitting Stitch Markers



Emma began making beaded jewellery, knitting bag charms and stitch markers in 2006, before founding the Atomic Knitting brand and website later in that year. Designing the brand, creating all the knitting accessories and marketing them was a fun challenge. Atomic Knitting products were picked up in magazines, online and from yarn shops globally.

For nearly a decade, Emma was juggling a busy career in pharmaceuticals, a role as a Welsh Government Small Business Mentor and running Atomic Knitting. These were all demanding roles, and as Atomic Knitting continued to grow, Emma made a conscious decision to spend more time in the business and leave her career in 2015. 

Since then it's been a whirlwind of learning new skills, spending time designing, creating new products and gaining further wholesale customers.  


The beads and findings used in nearly all of Atomic Knittings creations, are purchased from small UK companies. This is important to the Atomic Knitting brand that we strive to support fellow small businesses in the UK. That's not to say, if an amazing bead is found further afield it won't be purchased if I can't find it in the UK! Emma spends considerable time researching components and looking for the best quality beads and findings for all the Atomic Knitting designs.  


The studio has been transformed over the years. Starting on the kitchen table in 2006, before moving to a back bedroom 2007, then there were beads everywhere! In 2018, the studio moved to a bright scandi style studio loft which is perfect for our needs. It currently houses thousands of beads, custom work benches and the stock for Atomic Knitting. It’s a bright, creative and fun place to work!


In the first 12 years Atomic Knitting exhibited at many shows in the UK. For each show over 1000 products were created ready to purchase, making our display .  In recent years, the focus has been more on online and wholesale markets. That's not to say there will never be another show! Perhaps next year...

The Importance of the Stitch Marker

Atomic Knitting was inspired by my love of patterns and knitting...and the inevitable mistakes that go hand in hand withtrying to follow them! I’m a firm believer that stitch markers revolutionise the experience for a knitter and crocheter. They are indeed memory devices to track your pattern and stitches, and this can make a world of difference to to gain confidence in your craft.

In my eyes, the stitch marker is one of the most important parts of the knitting ritual, because it's always there to guide you. 

Finding the right Stitch Marker

The right stitch marker will keep you on track, and I recommend using a stitch marker that is within 2mm of the needle size used. This reduces any gapping between stitches that may occur. Atomic Knitting stitch markers are available in sizes from 2mm to 12mm, and come in a range of snag free options, split rings, and a selection of clasps.

'My days are spent designing stitch markers and knitting accessories for customers worldwide'


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