History of Atomic Knitting Stitch Markers

Discover my mission to produce unique stitch markers and accessories to aid knitters and crocheters

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My Inspiration

My days are spent designing

and making stitch markers and

knitting accessories for you,

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The Importance of the Stitch Marker

Atomic Knitting was inspired by my love of patterns and knitting...and the inevitable mistakes that go hand in hand with trying to follow them! I’m a firm believer that stitch markers revolutionise the experience for a knitter and crocheter. They are indeed memory devices to track your pattern, and this can make a world of difference to the finished article.

In my eyes, the stitch marker is the most important part of the knitting ritual, because it's always there on the work to guide. 

Finding the right Stitch Marker

The right stitch marker will keep you on track, and I recommend using a stitch marker that is within 2mm of the needle size used. This reduces any gapping between stitches that may occur. My stitch markers are available in sizes from 2mm to 12mm, and come in a range of snag free option and split ring.


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